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Driven by innovation and quality, Aquascape manufactures the premier floating fountains on the market today. We offer unique choice to our customers on both the display patterns and the operating systems depending upon your needs.

Floating Fountains are a very elegant way to create dynamic sculpture water and light effects. Floating fountains constitute a water treatment system which is virtually maintenance –free. It is possible to exchange nozzles within the same power range of the pump to enlarge the verity of visual appearance.

Our experience in this filed enables us to provide reliable products of superior value.

Varity of spray patterns and lighting configurations, we have a wide range of attractive    products with practical features. Rugged foam filled fibber glass floatation, in black low profile design. Operation in 48 inches depth of water for most models, 60 inches for models 5HP and larger. Hand adjustable control valves, plus adjustable swivel nozzles on many models, allow a single fountain to produce many patterns and adapt their shape to smaller lakes.


Material of construction is FRP with foam filled