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Spray Ring


The Spray Ring fountains offer a variety of effects depending on nozzle selection, quantity of nozzles, spray height and angle of throw desired.

Spray rings are constructed of stainless steel, brass and copper in a variety of diameter and orifice sizes. Adjustable brass smooth stream nozzles develop uniform circular spray pattern.

Lighting: Lighting for night time viewing of the Spray Ring fountain is very effective typically because of the close proximity of nozzle spacing on the ring.  Quantities and wattage of lights will be greatly dependent on nozzle selection and spacing.

Noise: Because of the quantity of nozzles, the standard Spray Ring fountain produces a pleasant, consistent, background noise for ponds ranging from small to large. Again, nozzle type and quantity selection will determine the audible levels of the fountain.  When making a nozzle selection for the spray ring, our sales staff will help you determine the best fit for your particular lake or pond taking in to account size of pond, water quality, lighting effects and general aesthetics you wish to achieve.



Construction of material Stainless Steel



• Specify : Dome centre Drop, Inside Drop, Outside drop, Vertical Pattern
• Nozzle angle can be adjusted after installation.
• Provide basket strainer or ‘Y’ type strainer for nozzle orifice protection

Operating Data:

Noise                    :  Good
Visibility               :  Excellent
Splash/ Mist        :  Good
Wind Stability      :  Good
Aeration Quality  :  Good